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InnovateSAP with SAP BTP

Immerse yourself in the limitless possibilities of the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) and discover a world of innovative solutions for your business. InnovateSAP, a groundbreaking HO2 initiative, opens the door to groundbreaking technologies and creative approaches.

Learn how SAP BTP is revolutionizing the way businesses work by seamlessly integrating different technologies to provide a comprehensive platform for digital transformation.

Be inspired by InnovateSAP and explore the infinite potential that this groundbreaking technology platform opens up for you and your business.

Welcome to the future of business!

InnovateSAPWelcome to the future of business!


creates clarity

Navigator through SAP technologies

Creates light in the dark

Support in identifying gaps

Creates consistency

Creates connection

Creates consistency


Intelligent use of microservices architecture

Integration of different services to simplify processes

Closing Gaps

Accelerates Proof of Concepts

Maps SAP and non-SAP technology stacks

Helper for use case identifications

Your accelerator in the realization

Identifies the technical and professional hurdles that exist

Ensures that these hurdles can be overcome

InnovateSAP – Innovation for your business processes

Let’s not kid ourselves! Not all standard processes are suitable for all customers. Rapidly changing conditions call for innovative solutions.

This is where the HO2 initiative “InnovateSAP” comes into play. Consultants who harmonize technology and business processes. Forward-thinking, innovative services that are based on the SAP standard and close existing gaps and overcome process boundaries. Services that keep up with the times and, for example, integrate generative AI.

InnovateSAP goes beyond the SAP standard and enables forward-looking transformation through extension, integration and innovation. SAP BTP thus becomes not only the link between different systems, but also the starting point for innovative solutions that take our customers’ requirements to a new level.

What helps us to do this?


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Start agile, think big

The modular scalability of SAP BTP enables an agile start with small, manageable scenarios. This is attractive not only for large corporations, but also for smaller companies. SAP's Free Tier Platform in conjunction with the InnovateSAP initiative allows for risk-free evaluation, and in the cloud, companies can flexibly use the hyperscaler of their choice.

SAP BTP Extension Suite

With InnovateSAP, we expand cloud and on-premise systems that are seamlessly integrated into the existing system landscape. This is done without any changes to the core system. In addition, we are expanding many scenarios using generative AI. A revolutionary approach according to the motto 'Keep the Core clean'.

SAP Cloud Integration – Integrate instead of demarcate

InnovateSAP breaks with traditional silo thinking and focuses on seamless integration. Data from different systems is easily integrated, and companies can build on their existing IT landscape, regardless of the system origin of the data.