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InnovateSAP with Generative AI

Discover the future of business innovation with the help of generative artificial intelligence from SAP! Immerse yourself in a world where intelligent algorithms not only understand data, but also interpret it creatively. Experience how, together with the help of the HO2 initiative “InnovateSAP”, we can use AI technologies to transform your business processes in a revolutionary way.

Let’s start the future together!

InnovateSAPGamechanger AI


creates clarity

Navigator through AI technologies

Identification of potentials

Identification of GAP ́s

Integration into a company roadmap


Increased efficiency in the process

Interactive problem-solving with AI

Path to sustainability

Closing Gap ́s

Opens up potential

Accelerates Proof of Concepts

Booster through Knowledge Transfer

Pre-built services

Intitial Use Cases

Ready-to-start approach

InnovateSAP – AI booster for your business processes

We transform your business processes, optimize your workflows, and solve complex problems through intelligent AI integration.

Our expertise in generative AI makes it possible to make your SAP systems more efficient and future-proof. With an in-depth understanding of SAP BTP and an innovative approach to problem solving, we will put your business at the forefront of technological development.

InnovateSAP of the HO2 represents a future where technology and human intelligence work seamlessly together. Get in touch with us and start your journey to a smarter and more efficient business world.


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Start agile, smart solutions

The modular scalability of SAP BTP and AI Core Services enables an agile start with small, manageable scenarios. This is attractive not only for large corporations, but also for smaller companies. SAP's Free Tier Platform in conjunction with AI Services and the InnovateSAP Initiative enable risk-free evaluation.

SAP AI Services

With InnovateSAP, we are gradually expanding cloud and on-premise systems with solutions that increase your productivity. This is achieved through individually tailored modern services. A revolutionary approach according to the motto 'InnovateSAP through Generative AI'.

SAP Generative AI – unearthing your treasure trove of data

InnovateSAP breaks with traditional silo thinking and focuses on seamless data integration. Data from different systems is easily integrated, and companies can build AI scenarios on top of their existing IT landscape, regardless of the system origin of the data.