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InnovateSAP with the SAP Integration Suite

Dive into the future of enterprise integration with SAP PI/PO and SAP Integration Suite! Our leadership in the innovation landscape is underscored by the pioneering InnovateSAP initiative, which leverages advanced services such as API Management and Event Mesh. Experience seamless integration and agile cloud connections, while our AI-based migration helps you make the leap from SAP PI/PO to SAP Cloud Integration smoothly. Immerse yourself in an era where technology not only connects, but also drives forward. With us, you will not only shape the present, but also the future of your business processes.

Welcome to SAP Integration Suite – where innovation meets integration.

InnovateSAP with the SAP Integration Suite


creates clarity

from on-premise to the cloud

Exploiting the value potential

Arranges Services


through an agile business environment

through the integration of AI

through the integration of IoT

through the integration of APIs

Accelerates Proof of Concepts

Booster through Knowledge Transfer

Use of ready-made services (including AI)

Ready-to-start approach

SAP Integration Suite – where integration meets innovation

SAP Integration Suite revolutionizes business processes with a comprehensive range of innovative integration solutions. As an agile integration platform, the suite allows you to quickly adapt to market changes and ensures that it keeps pace with the growth of your business through its flexibility and scalability. With support for various integration patterns, including B2B, A2A, B2C, and IoT integration, SAP Integration Suite provides a versatile and extensible platform for enterprise digital transformation.

The Integration Suite facilitates efficient API management through SAP API Management and thus also promotes the creation of open, networked systems. This enables companies to easily integrate third-party applications and take advantage of the full range of innovative applications required for today’s digital business models.

In the era of the Internet of Things (IoT), the SAP Integration Suite enables the seamless integration of IoT data into business processes to gain valuable new insights and drive innovative business models. In addition, the AI-powered migration from SAP PI/PO to the SAP Integration Suite by “InnovateSAP” facilitates a faster, more accurate and more efficient transition process.

Welcome to “InnovateSAP” and the SAP Integration Suite – where integration meets innovation and redefines the future of business processes.


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Shaping the future in an agile way – No transformation without integration

The SAP Integration Suite offers agile cloud integration that flexibly adapts to changing business needs. It supports a variety of integration patterns and enables seamless API integration. This platform promotes efficient integration and supports rapid migration from SAP PI/PO. With the InnovateSAP initiative of HO2, we are focusing on future viability and innovation in companies. Discover with us an integration platform that combines agility with innovation.

Innovate SAP: your landscape – our solution

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InnovateSAP: The Path to Cloud-First Strategy

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