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In our latest successful project with the InnovateSAP initiative, we addressed the challenges that arise from changing the SAP Integration Suite through patches on the BTP by SAP. We have developed a process that ensures the functionality of your digital solutions.

Initial Situation: Unexpected Challenges

The BTP and thus also the SAP Integration Suite are managed by SAP and kept up-to-date and secure through patches.

  • minor updates take place every two weeks
  • Emergency updates are quickly installed as needed to fix bugs or close security gaps.
  • major upgrades are carried out up to four times a year with 4 weeks’ notice. These are the ones that are most likely to cause problems

    Due to the roll-out of any changes to cloud services by SAP, there is a risk of unexpected production problems with individual developments.

    Solution: The Path to Stability

    We conducted a POC (Proof of Concept) together with the client to identify and evaluate solutions in order to effectively prevent potential problems.

    Implementation: step by step to perfection

    Through the careful validation and evaluation of the SAP solution “SAP Integration Suite Customer Test Service” and other competing products, a concept for regression tests in a complex system landscape could be developed. As part of our InnovateSAP initiative, we have identified the gap that there is no automated transport service for the integration objects. With the development of an automated transport tool by HO2 for the integration objects in the central preview tenant , we have closed this gap.

    In this way, it was not only possible to ensure continuous operation, but also to reduce the costs for further regression tests in the future.

    Results: Clarity and continuity

    Not only were we able to provide clarity regarding the required requirements, but we were also able to develop a robust operational concept for production. Ensuring the function of the interfaces in a constantly changing system landscape is now at the heart of our solution.

    We believe that proactive regression testing is essential to ensure the stability and performance of the SAP Integration Suite on the BTP. Not only to meet changes on the part of SAP with sufficient lead time, but also to significantly increase the quality of the company’s own developments and to ensure safe productive operation.

    With HO2’s InnovateSAP initiative, we are setting new standards for clarity and reliability in digital transformation.


    If you have any questions about HO2 based regression testing on the SAP Integration Suite or would like more information, do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to make your digital future safe and successful.