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HO2 Sets New Standards for High Availability in SAP Integration Suite

The Initial Situation: Complex Global System Landscapes Demand High Availability

The customer was faced with the challenge of ensuring high availability in a highly complex SAP BTP system landscape and therefore turned to HO2 as an experienced SAP system architecture service provider. With six productive SAP Integration Suite instances and a steadily growing message volume of 300 million messages per year , it was impossible for the customer to expand the SLA of the SAP Integration Suite. Even 99.95% availability would result in a potential loss of 150,000 messages per year at this volume of messages. The upcoming migration of the on-premise systems to the SAP BTP environment seemed to become even more complex.

Downtime Reduction

HO2 Solution: High Availability for All Components of the Integration Suite

HO2 took on this challenge at SAP BTP and developed an innovative solution approach by not only showing clarity into the possibilities of the SAP BTP platform, but also identifying its gaps in the SAP architecture. By implementing a high availability approach with the evaluation of the individual components of the SAP Integration Suite (cloud integration, API management and event mesh), downtime should be minimized and availability maximized.

Implementation Steps: Analysis, Classification and Implementation

The path to high availability began with a thorough analysis of the inventory landscape, taking a detailed look at the prevailing transport routes and the SLA of the SAP Integration Suite. By classifying past failures and classifying failure scenarios according to their criticality, HO2 was able to develop a customized high-availability approach. This approach involved not only the implementation of redundancies and failover mechanisms, but also the potential of load balancing to handle peak loads.

The Results: Minimal Downtime and Maximum Safety

HO2’s implementation of the high availability approach on SAP BTP yielded impressive results. The client benefits from minimal downtime and has been able to avoid potential losses of critical messages. Particularly important was the ability to bypass lock scenarios in asynchronous and polling iLows, which further improved system stability.

no High Availability vs High Availability

Conclusion: HO2 and InnovateSAP create new standards

With its InnovateSAP initiative, HO2 has once again proven that high availability in SAP Integration Suite is not an unattainable vision, but a feasible solution for complex system landscapes. Through in-depth analysis, customized solutions, and innovative implementation, HO2 sets new standards for integrating high availability into SAP environments.

If you have any further questions about this successful project, please do not hesitate to contact us.