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Success Story – Hybrid Mobile SAP UI5 App with Offline Capability for Utilities

Are you faced with the challenge of providing services even under the most difficult conditions? HO2’s InnovateSAP initiative presents the optimal solution: a tailor-made hybrid mobile SAP UI5 app, perfect for the energy sector. Discover how we work with our customers to break down barriers and redefine efficiency.

The Challenge

In the utility sector, teams often encounter the problem of a patchy internet connection, especially in basements or remote areas. This makes it more difficult to preserve evidence in the case of measures such as turning off the electricity to defaulting customers. Data such as time, location, meter reading and photos of the sealing must be recorded accurately and securely. The solution? An offline-capable, natively running APP on your mobile devices.

Frustration in the basement

HO2’s approach

Our strategy is based on the development of a mobile, offline-ready app implemented using SAP’s Hybrid App Toolkit and Web IDE. Using an encrypted SQLite database on the device secures the data from unauthorized access until an internet connection is restored. Then the data can be reliably transferred to the Netweaver Gateway OData Service. This innovative approach guarantees data security in every situation.

Our Approach

  1. Requirements: Together we determine what exactly you need.
  2. Development of prototypes with SAP Build Classic: We create the first models of your application.
  3. Examination of technical feasibility: We pay special attention to encryption and offline capability and storage of large amounts of data (photos).
  4. It was evaluated whether the capabilities of the browsers could be sufficient (Local Storage, IndexedDB…) or whether more powerful libraries (SQLite…) were necessary.
  5. Evaluation of whether an integration of OData services through the Netweaver Gateway can be carried out sensibly here. The goal was to smoothly supply the app with data.
  6. Implementation of the requirements with SAP UI5 and Cordova plugins: For a seamless user experience.
  7. Deploy the app with MobileIron: So everyone in the field can work without delays.

The Result

The result is a powerful, offline-ready app that addresses the complexities of the utility sector. It brings efficiency to work processes and enables precise data collection and backup, regardless of the Internet connection. This allows teams to work professionally and successfully even in the most challenging environments. The app was automatically rolled out via MobileIron, so that it could be installed directly by employees and automatic updates could be carried out without any problems.


Ready for change?

Would you like to learn more about how our SAP UI5 app development (web, hybrid or native) can revolutionize your business? We are happy to integrate services of any kind (OData, generative AI, analytics, non SAP, JSON…) into your APPs.

HO2’s InnovateSAP initiative is here to show you the way. Contact us for a no-obligation consultation and start turning your challenges into opportunities.