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Welcome to the future of data management: SAP HANA Cloud

Discover the future of data management with SAP HANA Cloud at BTP. In a world where data is the new gold, this powerful, scalable in-memory database solution gives you flexibility and adaptability to your needs.

Modular system for a comprehensive data platform

With SAP HANA Cloud, you can build a comprehensive data platform that works in harmony with other SAP solutions such as SAP HANA Cloud Data Lake, SAP Data Intelligence, SAP Datasphere (formerly Data Warehouse Cloud), or SAP Analytics Cloud . It also offers a wide range of virtualization and replication options for integrating data from other systems.

Efficient Application Development in the Cloud Era

The SAP HANA Cloud not only serves as a high-performance database, but also as a central element for the development of applications in the Cloud Application Model (CAP). This enables the efficient implementation of applications with a database connection and offers solutions for users with unclear or temporary data volume requirements.

The InnovateSAP Initiative: Into the Future Together

The InnovateSAP initiative leverages the power of the SAP HANA Cloud to optimize existing solutions and develop new, intelligent applications. With SAP HANA Cloud as the technology foundation, companies can expand their data strategy and drive innovation. This initiative shows how you can use SAP HANA Cloud to future-proof your business and accelerate digital transformation.

Innovate and Secure with SAP HANA Cloud

By leveraging SAP HANA Cloud, developers can build applications that leverage generative AI, are context-aware, and securely connect to critical business data. SAP HANA Cloud supports innovative creations with elastic scalability and built-in, fully managed security.

Your next step with InnovateSAP

With the InnovateSAP Initiative and SAP HANA Cloud, you are ideally positioned to master the challenges of today and tomorrow. Get started with SAP HANA Cloud today to usher in a new era of data innovation and successfully lead your business into the future.