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Introduction to the challenge

You are about to take the big step of migrating your SAP interfaces to a new platform by 2027. Maintenance for SAP NetWeaver 7.5 is coming to an end, so the focus is on modern integration standards and the added value of digital business services. The existing service landscape has a long history, but now it’s time to optimize it and put it on course for the future.

HO2’s InnovateSAP Initiative: Your Compass Through the Migration Process

With HO2 you have a strong partner at your side who has many years of consulting expertise in the areas of SAP PI/PO and SAP CPI. Our InnovateSAP initiative stands for foresight, innovation and comprehensive support for the modernization of your IT infrastructure.

Intelligent Signpost: Our AI-Based Migration Approach

Our solution approach is revolutionary: an AI-based migration service that simplifies and partially automates the transition from SAP PI/PO to SAP CPI. We use state-of-the-art tools to not only perform the migration, but also to improve the process itself and adapt it to your individual needs.

SAP PI/PO to SAP CPI Migration Flow

Step-by-Step: The Roadmap to Success Migration

We start with an in-depth analysis using the SAP Assessment tool to understand technical necessities and the migration effort. Our dedicated migration tool automates the process, and our AI service intervenes in complex scenarios. In this way, we ensure an efficient and high-quality migration.

Clean Results: Proof of Our Competence

And when combined with our intelligent migration services, we’ve been able to save up to 70% of our time. Our customers enjoy seamless migration, enhanced digital business services, and overall improved business performance. That’s the standard that HO2 sets.

Your future with HO2 and InnovateSAP

If you have any questions about the AI-supported migration from SAP PI/PO to SAP CPI, the HO2 team of experts will be happy to help you. Let’s shape the future of your IT landscape together and fully exploit all potential!