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SAP Work Zone: The Future of the Digital Workplace with HO2 and InnovateSAP

In the dynamic world of technology, SAP Work Zone is a revolutionary platform on top of the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) that helps companies reimagine the digital workplace. At HO2, we understand the importance of efficient and integrated work environments. We have many years of expertise in the field of digital workplaces/intranets and extranets/portals in the SAP on-premise area. Since the mainstream maintenance of the Enterprise Portal (also known as Netweaver Portal) will end in 2027, we would like to show you options for switching here. Feel free to contact us on this topic.

Our InnovateSAP initiative aligns with SAP’s vision to transform the way businesses work through single entry points to business applications and an improved user experience.

Key Features of the SAP Work Zone

    • Visual design of business websites: SAP Build Work Zone makes it possible to create visually appealing and feature-rich sites with pre-built templates, UI maps, and content widgets. These tools make it much easier to build and manage websites.

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  • Central access to applications and information: One of the core functions of the SAP Work Zone is central access to business applications, processes, information, and communication from any device. This boosts user productivity and engagement by allowing them to access everything they need in one place.
  • Integration and personalization: The SAP Work Zone provides seamless integrations for both SAP and third-party apps and supports an extensive framework for development, customization, and branding. This enables deep personalization of the user experience and increases the effectiveness of the digital workplace.

InnovateSAP Initiative: Clear Paths to the Digital Future

Our InnovateSAP initiative aims to help organizations navigate the complex landscape of digital transformations. By implementing the SAP Work Zone, we provide a clear strategy to:

  • To create a single entry point for business applications.
  • Offer access to functions and apps from different applications centrally without having to leave the work environment.
  • Significantly improve the user experience through personalization.

Possible Use Cases

  1. Centralized Information Platforms: Create a single point of contact for all relevant business applications and processes to increase efficiency and improve information flow.
  2. Personalized workspaces: Allow your employees to customize their workspace according to their needs to increase their productivity and satisfaction.
  3. Seamless App Integration: Easily integrate applications from different areas of your organization to create a consistent user experience.

With HO2 and the InnovateSAP initiative, you open the door to a modern, efficient and future-proof workplace. Unlock the full potential of your company’s assets and walk the path into the digital future with confidence, innovation , and clarity.

Discover how SAP Work Zone can transform your digital workplace and get in touch with us to learn more about our InnovateSAP initiative. We are here to support you on your journey and explore new horizons together.