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Automation and AI: A New Era with SAP AI Core

In today’s digital era, innovation and efficiency are the keys to success. With the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP ) and especially the SAP AI Core Service, HO2 offers a leading solution that simplifies the training and management of machine learning (ML) models as well as pre-trained SAP AI services . Our goal is to create clarity in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) and to support you in optimizing and automating your business processes.

What does SAP AI Core offer?

The SAP AI Core makes it possible to manage machine learning models throughout their entire lifecycle. This service is not only a foundational layer of AI in SAP BTP, but also a crucial factor in seamlessly integrating AI capabilities into SAP solutions. We are happy to help you experience what these models can already do without further training and where their limits lie. By leveraging SAP AI Core in conjunction with SAP Build Services, customers can create apps for automated business processes and digital workplaces without extensive coding knowledge.

Part of our InnovateSAP initiative is to empower functional experts to create their own apps as “citizen developers”, which simplifies the implementation of process automations and the creation of digital workplaces with the SAP Build Work Zone and SAP Build Apps tool. This fosters innovation and agility within organizations.

Possible Use Cases for SAP AI Core

  1. Optimization of business processes: Automate simple, repetitive manual tasks to increase efficiency and productivity.
  2. Development of smart business applications: Use SAP AI Core Toolkit for Visual Studio Code to simplify and accelerate your AI development processes.
  3. Use of Generative AI: Use the Generative AI Hub within SAP AI Core to gain access to a wide range of large language models (such as Chat GPT) and use them to develop BTP applications.AI ML Operations
  4. Sustainable innovations: Implement solutions that help reduce the CO2 footprint or support the circular economy through smart applications.

Whether it’s reducing CO2 emissions through smart applications, enabling the circular economy for plastic packaging, or optimizing business processes through AI-powered analytics, SAP AI Core and the InnovateSAP initiative are the perfect partners at your side.

We invite you to be part of this exciting journey. Discover how HO2 can revolutionize your business processes with SAP AI Core and the InnovateSAP initiative. Our experts are ready to guide you along the way and work together to develop innovative solutions that add value not only to your business, but also to society. Let’s shape the future together!