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Discover the future with SAP BTP AI Services: An InnovateSAP Initiative

Welcome to the future: The InnovateSAP initiative

In today’s fast-paced business world, innovation is at the forefront of securing competitive advantage and increasing efficiency. HO2 proudly presents our InnovateSAP initiative, which aims to lead companies into the next era of digital transformation. A key element of this initiative is the introduction and integration of SAP BTP AI services, which open up a new dimension of business process optimization.

Revolutionize your processes with advanced AI services

SAP BTP AI Services offer a set of advanced tools specifically designed to simplify the complexities of modern business requirements while delivering accurate and effective solutions. These services include:

Greater efficiency through Business Entity Recognition

SAP’s Business Entity Recognition (BER) makes it possible to locate and classify named entities in unstructured text documents. This service uses a pre-trained machine learning model to automatically detect entities in text documents and classify them into predefined categories. Automation greatly speeds up and simplifies processes by extracting and classifying information from documents, which is especially useful for handling customer service requests efficiently.

Personalized Experiences through Personalized Recommendation

SAP’s Personalized Recommendation Service provides tailored recommendations based on individual user behavior and preferences. This service uses advanced algorithms to suggest personalized content, products, or services, which improves the customer experience and increases customer loyalty. By providing relevant recommendations, businesses can maximize their sales opportunities and create a personalized shopping experience.

Automated Document Classification: A Game-Changer

Document Classification automates the document classification process by classifying documents based on customer-specific types, such as invoices, reminders, or complaints. This classification helps reduce manual effort and errors in document classification and speeds up overall document processing by channeling documents based on their type.

Optimize your data with Data Attribute Recommendation

The Data Attribute Recommendation Service improves data quality by making accurate recommendations. It uses machine learning to identify patterns in the data and make suggestions for missing or incomplete attributes. This service helps organizations streamline their data management processes by improving the accuracy of data entry and supporting informed business decisions. This service can competently suggest its category through training based on product texts.

Increased Efficiency with Document Information Extraction

Document Information Extraction extracts structured information from unstructured documents. This service automates the extraction process, drastically reduces manual effort, and increases the overall efficiency of document processing, while reducing the error rate.

Discover new horizons with the InnovateSAP initiative

This overview of SAP BTP AI services shows how companies can automate and optimize their processes through the use of advanced AI technologies. Each of these services offers unique features designed to increase efficiency, improve customer experience, and support informed business decisions.

HO2’s InnovateSAP initiative aims to provide clarity and understanding of these complex services by highlighting practical applications and benefits. For example, the Document Information Extraction Service can be used to automate the processing of invoices and delivery notes, reducing manual intervention and increasing efficiency.

Together into an innovative future

By implementing these AI services, companies can cover a wide range of use cases, from optimizing customer service to improving internal processes and decision-making. HO2 is ready to accompany you on this path of innovation and increased efficiency. For advanced AI applications, SAP provides the SAP AI Core Service, which also offers large language models.

Discover with us how SAP BTP AI Services can transform your business.