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Innovation with SAP CAP: Discover the possibilities with us

In a world where technology continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible, your company may be faced with the question: How can it not only take advantage of the latest developments, but actively shape them? The answer lies in the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model (CAP) platform on the BTP – a powerful tool that simplifies the creation of complex enterprise applications. At HO2, we are committed to navigating your journey through the world of SAP CAP with our InnovateSAP initiative and showing you how to take full advantage of this technology.

What is SAP CAP?

SAP CAP is a modern framework that helps you develop enterprise applications efficiently and in a standardized way. It offers a comprehensive collection of languages, libraries, and tools based on best practices that integrate seamlessly with SAP ecosystems. With features such as Core Data Services (CDS) for data modeling, support for Java and Node.js, and the provision of data as a JSON or oData Service, SAP CAP enables the development of applications that are both powerful and future-proof.

How HO2 creates clarity

Our InnovateSAP initiative was created to make it easier for companies like yours to get started and use SAP CAP. We offer resources and expert advice to ensure you can use this technology to its full potential. From data modeling with entities and associations to implementing services based on them, we’re here to help you turn complexity into clarity . Through the use of entities, associations, compositions, and annotations, SAP CAP enables a nuanced and detailed representation of business data and logic, simplifying and accelerating the development of applications.

  • Entities are the basic building blocks in CAP that represent business objects such as customers, orders, or products. They define the structure of these objects through attributes and relationships to other entities, which allows for a clear and understandable representation of business data.
  • Associations allow developers to define relationships between different entities, which allows complex data structures to be mapped. These relationships are critical for modeling real-world business processes and relationships within the application.
  • Compositions are a special form of association that expresses a stronger relationship between entities. They imply ownership relationships in which the life of the child entity is closely linked to that of the parent entity. This is especially useful for modeling hierarchical data structures such as purchase orders and purchase order lines.
  • Annotations are a powerful feature in CAP that provide additional information about entities and their attributes. They can be used for a variety of purposes, from controlling the user interface (Fiori Elements) to defining security policies (role-based restriction of operations if necessary). Annotations increase the semantics of the data model and allow the platform as well as the developers to precisely control the behavior of the application.


Possible Use Cases for SAP CAP

The flexibility of SAP CAP opens up a world of possibilities. Here are some use cases of how companies can leverage SAP CAP:

  1. ERP Enhancements: Design custom extensions for SAP ERP systems to support specific business processes without impacting the core system.
  2. Microservice architectures: Develop independent microservices that communicate via RESTful APIs to create agile and scalable application systems.
  3. Mobile Applications: Leverage SAP CAP’s OData support to build powerful mobile application backend services that deliver a seamless user experience.
  4. Enterprise: Build comprehensive enterprise applications, ranging from order management systems to customer relationship management, with a solid and extensible architecture.

From our experience in customer projects as part of our InnovateSAP initiative, we can report that SAP CAP is the common technology to access existing HANA tables on the BTP, or to automatically create and populate new tables based on the defined entities. Our customer project Shelf Optimization is an example in which both have been implemented.

Why choose HO2?

HO2 isn’t just about providing tools and technology. We strive to build partnerships based on trust, innovation and excellence. With our InnovateSAP initiative, we offer a tailored approach that takes into account your specific business needs and goals. Our team of experienced consultants and developers will work closely with you to develop solutions that are not only relevant today, but will last tomorrow.

Start your journey to innovation with HO2

Digital transformation doesn’t wait. With SAP CAP and HO2, you can be sure that your company is at the forefront of innovation. Whether you’re looking to expand your existing systems, develop new applications, or optimize your business processes, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Contact us today to learn how our InnovateSAP initiative can help your business achieve its goals and shape the future. With HO2 by your side, the path to digital excellence is clearer than ever.