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Less Replenishment, More Selling: The Future of Shelf Optimization with SAP BTP and UI5

You’re facing a challenge that many retail companies are familiar with: unoptimized shelf space that is a Sisyphean task in terms of replenishment every day. But what if there is an innovative solution that not only saves time and money, but also increases the satisfaction of your employees? This is exactly where our InnovateSAP initiative comes in with the development of a groundbreaking UI5 app by the service provider HO2 .

The Initial Situation

The products on your shelves sell unevenly. Some are constantly sold out, while others linger longer than necessary. The result: daily, time-consuming replenishment rounds and an uneven flow of goods. An inefficient system that costs both resources and nerves.

Unoptimized Facings

Our solution

With the clear goal of revolutionizing shelf optimization, we took an agile, iterative approach. Starting with a mockup in SAP Build Classic, we refined our solution step by step – always in close exchange and after feedback from our users. The development was based on state-of-the-art technologies, including SAP UI5 on the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP), using the powerful HANA DB, CAP, CDS Views, oData Services, SAP Identity Service and SAP Data Intelligence . Our goal: an intuitive app that not only visualizes the optimal filling of the shelves, but also enables adjustments in real time. As you can see, we use BTP’s many technologies to create innovative solutions.


The way to get there was to create a Proof of Concept (POC) app to demonstrate the technical feasibility. This important step helped us identify the missing pieces of the puzzle – such as shelf dimensions. This was followed by the agile development of two apps: one for displaying the optimization suggestions directly in the market and another for manual correction if the standardized facings do not meet individual needs. This process has been rolled out gradually and with great care worldwide.


The results speak for themselves. Less replenishment, less overhang and significant cost savings. Our solution not only represents a significant improvement on previous processes, but also paves the way for a new era of rack optimization – efficient, user-friendly and future-oriented.

Facing Optimization

Innovation & Clarity

Our approach combines clarity in goal setting with innovative strength in implementation. By leveraging advanced SAP technologies in combination with an agile development process, we have created an individual solution that is unique in the market. The InnovateSAP initiative and HO2 prove once again that exceptional results can be achieved with the right combination of technology and customer centricity.

We are at your disposal for questions and further information. Let’s take the next step towards the future together and overcome similar challenges. With our expertise and innovative strength, your success is just a phone call away.