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Procedure for successful IT projects: SAP UI5 development by HO2

In today’s world, digitalization plays a decisive role in the success of a company. With our InnovateSAP initiative, we drive this forward and offer tailor-made solutions that are precisely tailored to your needs. As part of this initiative, we would like to introduce you to how we usually carry out IT projects on the topic of SAP UI5 development.


Why SAP UI5?

SAP UI5 is at the heart of the modern enterprise application landscape and offers numerous benefits and reasons for its use. As a highly flexible, high-performance framework, SAP UI5 enables the development of responsive and user-friendly web applications that can be seamlessly integrated into the SAP system landscape. The biggest advantage of SAP UI5 lies in its ability to ensure a consistent and engaging user experience across different devices and platforms. This drives user adoption and boosts productivity by allowing users to access critical business applications anytime, anywhere. In addition, SAP UI5 supports application development with a rich set of pre-built UI components and development tools, which speeds up and simplifies the development process. Compatibility with oData and JSON for data exchange allows for flexible and efficient data handling, making SAP UI5 an ideal choice for companies looking to modernize their IT infrastructure and prepare it for the digital future.

Starting situation

You want a new mobile application that is not only functional, but also visually corresponds to the standard SAP applications. In addition, it is important to you that the application is freely adaptable. We can use both oData (Netweaver Gateway, CAP,…) and JSON Services as a database.

Solution approach by HO2

In order to meet your requirements in the best possible way, we will decide together the best deployment location for the UI5 app, be it S4/HANA, Netweaver Gateway, SAP BTP or another platform. Through the use of Design Thinking workshops and mockups, together we gain a clear picture of how the app should look and function. Selecting the necessary authentication methods and services is also an important step in our process.

Here is an example mockup of a training assessment app from one of our customer projects:

mockup overviewMockup Edit Page

Implementation steps

The development of the app is either agile or according to a more traditional approach. Regardless of the approach chosen, regular coordination with you as a customer is of central importance. Our goal is to provide clarity about the project requirements at an early stage and to ensure that everyone involved is on the same page. To ensure software quality, we need a system landscape of at least two levels, which in most cases is even three-stage.


The app is successfully developed, tested and deployed. Initially, we often go live with a version with a smaller feature set, which is then expanded later as needed.

InnovateSAP: Use Cases

To show you how other customers have benefited from our InnovateSAP initiative, we present two UI5 projects as examples.

  • Bank product management: Banking products and their life cycle are maintained in a comprehensive UI5 app.
  • Shelf optimisation: In food retailing, facings of products are optimised and presented to employees in the store.

If you have any questions or would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. With HO2 and our InnovateSAP initiative, you are well positioned to drive your digital transformation.

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