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SAP API Management Service with HO2: Innovation through integration

Introduction to HO2’s InnovateSAP Initiative

As part of our InnovateSAP initiative, we at HO2 focus on the integration of proven SAP services to support companies in their digital transformation. The SAP API Management Service is at the heart of this to ensure seamless and secure API management. The service runs on the Business Technology Platform (BTP) and is part of the SAP Integration Suite division.

Architecture and functionality

SAP API Management is based on a multi-layered architecture that forms a bridge between the stable “Systems of Record” and the agile “Systems of Innovation”. This structure allows organizations to securely and efficiently open their backend systems to external access without compromising the integrity and reliability of core systems. The platform allows developers to create API proxies that serve as a façade for existing APIs to improve security, governance, and analytics.

Practical examples and use cases

A concrete example of the use of the SAP API Management Service is the development of a “Sales Tracker” app. This app allows customers to track their sales orders from SAP S/4HANA on their mobile device by leveraging the API management capabilities of the SAP Integration Suite . This application shows how companies can use the SAP API Management Service to make their business processes mobile and accessible to their customers.

As part of our InnovateSAP initiative, we were faced with the challenge of Provide EDI interfaces in a B2B scenario via the SAP Integration Suite. We have analysed the requirements of the transmitters and receivers and created clarity regarding the technologies. As a result, the requests were made to API Management and then forwarded from Cloud Integration to SAP PO. In this way, we have not only overcome limitations, but also created innovation for future applications. If you would like to learn more about limitations and application scenarios, please contact us.


API Management 1API Management 2

Another practical example is the simplified creation of API proxies for SAP’s own APIs and partner APIs. By leveraging SAP Gateway Hub or the “Discover” feature in the API Business Hub, developers can quickly and flawlessly generate and publish API proxies. This significantly speeds up the process of API backup and publishing and supports efficient API management across company boundaries.

Summary and outlook

By leveraging the SAP API Management Service in conjunction with HO2’s expertise, organizations can manage their digital assets securely and efficiently. HO2’s InnovateSAP initiative not only offers implementation support, but also clear insights into best practices and practical examples. This enables our customers to take full advantage of digital transformation and secure a competitive advantage in their industry.

Want to learn more about how the SAP API Management Service can transform your business? Are you ready to take your digital transformation to the next level with HO2 and our InnovateSAP initiative? Contact us today to schedule an individual consultation. Discover how we can help you streamline your business processes, unlock new business opportunities, and manage your digital assets securely and efficiently. Let’s shape the future together!